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Business Sanitation in Fort Lauderdale

The notoriously harmful virus, COVID-19, has created a halo of doubts and uncertainty around us.
This virus has awakened the long lost OCD spirits in us, which explains our routinely obsessive cleaning throughout the day. One can’t be too careful where this lethal virus is concerned.

Professional Business Sanitation in Fort Lauderdale


Sanitization is the key to a germ-free environment. But what’s more crucial is finding the right organization to carry out the task magnificently.

The cleaning service, ‘Chemdry’, is the best solution to your virus and germs concern. We aim to maim the germs in your workplace or house. The work is carried out without causing a nuisance of any sort and within a short time. Chemdry has been serving its clients, making their offices cleaner, safer for about 25 years. The team that would be doing the sanitization will be following SOPs strictly and secure your home with ease.

But it is not as easy as it sounds. Germs tend to reside in many unexpected, strange places that might not be easy to locate for a non-professional cleaning service. Task, as serious as this one, should be assigned to someone who is an expert when it comes to sanitation and elimination of germs. Chemdry is the answer to all your problems as we are trustworthy and the most reputable sanitation service in Florida.
Public places are most prone to getting infected by bacteria, like offices. These places increase the risk of transmission of the virus as a dozen people work there daily. All of the staff should sanitize themselves before entering the office, and the offices should undertake strict safety measures.
Chemdry features a team of professionals who know how to do their job efficiently without leaving a trace of bacteria. They are aware of all the high contact areas and low contact areas of viruses. The CDC has declared some safety measures and guidelines that you need to consider before starting sanitation in any office and we follow these all:
Wear gloves, shoe covers and cover your face correctly to avoid any mistake during sanitation.
The sanitization of pieces of equipment and tools is as essential as the sanitation of other things in the office. Cleaning them with hospital grade sanitizer will help to eliminate the germs your equipment might catch.
Physical distance: maintaining a distance with fellow workers is one of the most critical steps to be taken.
Try to contact as little as possible with fellow workers. Work with a few technicians because crowded rooms defeat the whole purpose of sanitation.
Our sanitizer is tested in laboratories and is approved EPA to use against COVID-19.
Our sanitizer results in killing off 99.9% of germs in the surrounding.
Chemdry has been making homes, offices, and other places cleaner for a long time. If you are a person with a lot of doubts about other services, then Chemdry is the perfect match for you. Hopefully, we will fulfill all your requests and leave no trace of doubts in your mind.

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