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Chem-Dry  , The Yacht & Boat Cleaner

We specialize in carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning of your boat or yacht.  Cleaning is done from the slip or dock.  The specialized portable equipment is easy to get in and out of tight rooms and cabin space. Our easy mobility equipment doesn’t require running hoses through post holes and maintains the carpet and upholstery without the long dry times with no scratches to your delicate interior or teak finish.  The carpet cleaning process for your boat usually dries in one to two hours.  Call today to schedule your cleaning.  We service all of Ft. Lauderdale, Miami Beach, Deerfield Beach, West Palm Beach, Dania, Hollywood Beach and much more.  Our cleaning process uses a full extraction cleaning with a low moisture carbonating solution

Professional Boat Cleaning

Your customers, personnel and crew can rest assured that our deep cleaning solutions are all natural and eco-friendly. Our cleaning solution called The Natural is a Green Certified product and on the F.D.A.’s G.R.A.S. list. This safe and non-toxic cleaning process will ensure that your staff and your clients are never at risk of chemicals and detergents that can create rashes and flare ups for allergy sufferers. Our deep cleaning process is platinum sealed by The Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI). This means that you are receiving the deepest level of cleaning the industry has to offer. Make A1A Chem-Dry your first choice for Carpet Cleaning & more!

For cloth interiors, leather interiors and carpeting, A1A Chem-Dry uses the most advanced cleaning technology to perform your cleanings. We use Hot Carbonated Extraction cleaning method. This is the deepest level of cleaning that is backed by the Carpet & Rug Institute with a Platinum Seal of Approval. Our truck mounted equipment is unlike a standard shampoo or steam cleaner. The method behind A1A Chem-Dry is much different. We use 1/10th the amount of moisture that steam cleaners use. This allows carpets and most upholstery items to dry within just 1-2 hours (Not several days). Our carbonated cleaning solution is hot and once sprayed on, the bubbles attach themselves to the dirt and grime in your furniture and carpets and explode to the surface. Then, A1A Chem-Dry’s extraction machinery rinses them away. Our fast drying, deep cleaning and healthy service offers a better alternative to any other cleaner on the market. That is what makes A1A Chem-Dry the number one carpet and upholstery cleaning in the industry worldwide.

Another fantastic thing about A1A Chem-Dry is that our Hot Carbonated Extraction process is Green Certified, organic & healthy. Yes!.. Healthy! There are NO chemicals, residues, soaps or harsh detergents used. So skin irritations, allergens,

Turn to the experts at A1A Chem-Dry for that showroom clean in your automobiles, boats and RV interiors. No matter where you spend your time, make sure you are getting the most out of your living space. Carpets, floor mats, fabric or leather upholstery- we can do it all. We are the expert carpet cleaners to call. If you have spots or stains, and even unwanted odors, don’t worry, we have a wide range of products to address that as well.

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