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Professional Carpet Cleaning With Chem Dry

A1A ChemDry of the Gold Coast is not just another steam cleaning company. We use heat and we use water, but that is the only thing that our hot carbonation extraction cleaning process has in common with traditional steam cleaning. Our secret? We have harnessed the power of bubbles to get your home cleaner and fresher than it has ever been. To understand our process, think of the last time you tried to remove a stubborn stain from fabric. You may have doused the stain with excessive amounts of cleaner, scrubbed at the stain, and then flooded it with water until the stain residue and the cleaner were washed away. If so, you cleaned in a way that is very similar to the steam-cleaning process. On the other hand, you may have heard a tried-and-true cleaning method for stubborn fabric stains; using club soda. If you tried this method, then you saw how stubborn stains could be lifted to the surface of a fabric using the power of bubbles, and the excess moisture blotted away.

Our hot carbonation extraction process uses that same approach, but on a larger scale. Instead of flooding your carpets with water and cleaner and then trying to extract out as much as possible, leaving behind huge amounts of water that can mold and mildew, we use hot carbonated water to lift up stains. The result is that we can achieve superior cleaning results with about 80% less water. The less water introduced to your carpets, the less water left behind. The result is shorter drying times and cleaner carpets. The process also greatly reduces the chances of those “ghost stains” rising to the surface; the bubbles lift up the stains so that they can be extracted.

Our other secret is our proprietary formula, The Natural. Safe for the environment, kids, and pets, The Natural is made from all Natural ingredients and does not leave behind the same dirt-trapping sticky residue of traditional cleaners. While gentle on your carpets and your family, The Natural is still tough enough to remove even the stubbornest stains, including pet accidents and urine odors!

The best way to see the difference between hot carbonation extraction and traditional steam cleaning is to give A1A ChemDry of the Gold Coast a try. Call us today to schedule your next West Palm Beach carpet cleaning!


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