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Why Chem Dry Of Coral Springs?

It is a question that you may have asked yourself, because you have a ton of choices in the Coral Springs area for carpet and upholstery cleaning. While we pride ourselves on our affordability and believe we offer real value, we also know that we are not the least expensive carpet cleaners in the area, and we know that you may be tempted to go with a bargain company instead of our services. We do not blame you; we like to get the best deal possible when we can, too.


That is why is it so important to understand why Chem Dry is unlike any of our competitors in the Coral Springs area and why a Chem Dry cleaning is worth more than a traditional steam cleaning.

When steam cleaning fibers, dirt and stains are removed through a combination of a cleaner or detergent and through the use of large amounts of water to flush out dirt and soil as well as the residue from the cleaners that have been applied. A fundamental part of this process is that a large amount of water has to be used in the cleaning process to get to stains that are below the surface of the carpet or fabric, especially any stains that may have penetrated into the underlying padding, and pose a risk of rising to the top after a steaming process. Unfortunately, the more water that is added to fibers, the longer the drying time, because even the best extraction machines can only remove a portion of the water. The longer the drying times, the greater the risk that you will have to walk on the carpet when it is wet, which can cause new dirt to adhere to freshly cleaned carpet. In addition, the longer the drying time, the greater the risk that mold, mildew, and bacteria will grow in the carpet.

Chem Dry does not use the same approach as steam cleaners. Instead of using large amounts of water to flood out soil and stains, we use carbonation. If you have ever used club soda to help remove a stain, then you already know how the bubbles can help the stains rise to the surface of fibers. Our approach is very similar and allows us to use up to 80% less liquid than a steam cleaner, while still getting to stains that are buried deep beneath the surface of carpet or upholstery. The result is dry times between one and two hours.


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