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Almost any company can clean your carpets and upholstery. Though the quality of the cleaning can vary tremendously from company to company and depends on the type of cleaning that you select, the reality is that your carpets and upholstery should appear cleaner after a cleaning and that the clean appearance should last for at least a short period of time after you have them professionally cleaned, regardless of the company you select for your service. This is true whether you choose Chem Dry or a traditional steaming company.



First, the Chem Dry approach provides a deeper, more effective cleaning than a traditional steam cleaning approach. We incorporate carbonation into our cleaning process. The little bubbles cause stains and soil to rise to the surface, where we can extract them with our deep heat extraction machines. The more stains and soil rise to the surface, the fewer left behind in your fabrics, which not only makes them cleaner, but also makes it less likely that a resistant or large stain will rise to the surface sometime after a cleaning occurs, which is a risk with standard steam cleaning.

Second, the Chem Dry approach uses The Natural, an all-natural cleaning solution that, combined with Chem Dry’s cleaning techniques, results in less residue in your carpet. Traditional carpet cleaners can leave behind a residue that actually makes your carpet and upholstery fibers “sticky.” While they do not feel sticky to the touch, they are sticky enough for dirt to adhere to them, making them difficult to clean and resulting in a dirty appearance more quickly after they have been cleaned.

Finally, Chem Dry offers stain protection services that can help protect your fibers from dirt and stains, making it easier for you to maintain a pristine appearance between professional cleanings.

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