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If you are like most environmentally conscious consumers, you want to use safer, greener products in your home, but you also want to make sure your home is as clean as possible. When you choose your own cleaning products at the store, the growth of the environmental movement means that you have a number of green options that still ensure a clean, healthy living environment.

However, you may not realize that you have the same options when looking for professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services. Chem-Dry, which services Delray Beach and the surrounding Palm Beach and Broward County areas, is proud to offer its innovative cleaning services, which combine environmentally friendly products with a process that leaves your home cleaner than traditional services.cities


Chem-Dry employs a green cleaning solution that we call The Natural. We call it that because it is an all-natural formula that uses only ingredients you find in Mother Nature, not the harsh chemicals that many other carpet and upholstery cleaning services use. This means that you can feel confident letting your family, especially children and pets, on your carpet.


We do not stop at the use of an all-natural cleaning solution. After all, a cleaning-solution is only as good as the application and removal process for that solution, since the cleaning solution’s job is to loosen dirt from the carpet, and the extraction process is responsible for removing that dirt. Traditional steam-cleaning uses a significant amount of water to “flood” the carpet, and the dirt rises to the surface because of this water application. It is an effective process that does result in some dirt coming to the surface. However, it is not the most effective process. Chem-Dry has found a way to bring more dirt to the surface, using less water, which results in a more thorough cleaning without the long drying times associated with traditional carpet steam-cleaning. To do this we use a well-known cleaning process: carbonation.

If you think of soda when you think of carbonation, you are on the right track. Club soda has been used as a stain-lifting agent for years, because the bubbles help bring stains to the surface of fabric or carpet. Our cleaning process uses that same principle, but on a larger scale. The result is that we are able to use far less liquid in our cleaning process, while achieving superior cleaning results.

Give Chem-Dry a try and see how clean and green your home can be!

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