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If you have property in gorgeous sunny Fort Lauderdale, one of the premier vacation destinations in the United States, you may be a year-round resident who enjoys sunny beaches or you might be a landlord who benefits from the thriving vacation-rental scene. Whether you are the beach bunny in your home or whether you rent out your place so that others can enjoy some of the most gorgeous beaches in the lower 48, you have probably discovered that sand and carpet are not a great mix. Many local area residents solve that problem by tiling their whole homes, which eliminates the problem of getting sand in your carpet, but does nothing to eliminate the problem of sand in upholstery. Furthermore, while you may have considered replacing your carpet with tiles, many of us just like the feel of carpet, especially in bedroom areas. This might leave you wondering how to get your carpet and upholstery clean?


Chem-Dry serves the Broward and Palm Beach County areas and offers an innovative approach to carpet and upholstery cleaning. Traditional steam-cleaning uses a flooding technique, which means that cleaner is applied either with or prior to the application of large amounts of water, which are then extracted from the carpet and padding. The theory is that the water will flood stains to the surface, resulting in a clean that goes through the carpet and into the pad. The main problem with that theory is that it is not always successful; resistant or large stains may not immediately rise to the surface for extraction. In those cases, a carpet cleaning can actually result in carpets that appear dirtier, because the stains may rise over time after the carpet cleaning, having been loosened by the application of the cleaners and water, but not thoroughly extracted during the extraction process. A secondary problem with traditional steam-cleaning is that the introduction of large amounts of water into the carpeted environment increases the risk of mold, mildew, and bacterial growth in the carpet.

Chem-Dry uses a combination of carbonation and deep heat extraction to clean carpets. The carbonation causes stains to rise to the surface, where they are then thoroughly extracted by the deep heat extractor. The process uses far less water than traditional steam cleaning, while the carbonation is more effective at stain lifting than a simple water flushing. The result is cleaner carpets and a significantly reduced drying time. An additional results is that the deeper cleaning means less residue is left behind; with traditional steam-cleaning, the sticky residue that can be left behind might result in carpet fibers that attract and bind dirt. Your carpet might initially look good, but you could quickly find yourself with dirtier carpet than at the beginning of your process.

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