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If you live in Highland Beach, you may be one of the many pet-lovers in our area. From spoiled cats to pampered pooches, many people in our area have pets they love and consider part of the family. If you are one of these people, you have undoubtedly noticed that pets and carpets can be a bad combination. Whether you are considered about pet-related allergens or whether one of your fur-babies has had an accident on your carpet and upholstery, the chances are high that if you are a pet-owner, you have special concerns when it comes to having your carpets or upholstery professionally cleaned.


You may have pet-related stains and want to ensure that your cleaning process thoroughly and completely removes those stains, or you may want to focus on allergen removal. Furthermore, if you have pets, you may be worried about the harsh chemicals that many carpet cleaning companies use and the impact that they could have on your pets, since they are much lower to the ground than people are.


Fortunately, there is a Chem-Dry that services Highland Beach and the surrounding areas! Chem-Dry offers deep carpet and upholstery cleaning solutions that can eliminate pet stains and significantly reduce indoor allergens without using a harsh chemical formula. We do this by using our environmentally-friendly formula, The Natural, and an innovative cleaning technique that uses less water and still results in a deeper clean than can be achieved by many of our competitors!


On second thought, maybe calling our cleaning process innovative is a little bit inaccurate. After all, we did not invent the process. We use carbonation and the power of bubbles in our cleaning approach. It is a cleaning process almost as old as carbonation itself, as anyone who has ever heard their grandmother instruct them to use club soda to remove a stain from carpet, upholstery, or fabric, can verify. Club soda has been the secret stain cleaner for multiple generations. We have co-opted that secret as part of our cleaning process. Using carbonation, we get a greater lift for stains, resulting in cleaner carpets. However, our innovative process does not rely on carbonation alone; we also use a deep heated extraction process that removes more liquid from the carpet. The result? We can use up to 80% less water than a traditional steam-cleaning company and still give you carpets that are cleaner, healthier, and fresher than what you would receive from a traditional steam-cleaning.

Stop having to choose between pets and beautiful carpet; pick Chem-Dry and let us help you keep your home looking and smelling pet-free, without getting rid of your pets!

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