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The town of Manalapan may be one of the best-kept secrets in Palm Beach County.

A beach community with two distinct areas, Boynton Inlet and part of Hypoluxo Island, Manalapan is primarily a residential area with very little commercial property and surprisingly few rental homes. While some of these homeowners are seasonal owners, there community retains a small-town feeling, despite being in the middle of bustling Palm Beach County. However, the lack of commercial property in the town means that residents in Manalapan often have to look to businesses outside of the area when the need services.

red wine carpet stains
Chem-Dry is happy to offer cleaning services to Manalapan and its surrounding communities, and brings the same honest small-town feeling to their carpet and upholstery cleaning services that people could expect from their friends and neighbors in a small community. Chem-Dry understands that quality service is important, but that nothing can substitute for treating people with dignity, respect, honesty, and friendliness. That is why all of their service technicians are trained on two different levels: customer service and expert carpet cleaning.

Of course, it helps that Chem-Dry’s innovative cleaning process is an industry leader. Chem-Dry does not take the standard approach to carpet cleaning. The competition relies on steam cleaning which uses copious amounts of water to lift and remove stains and dirt from carpets. While this technique can remove dirt from carpets, it has many drawbacks. The standing water that remains even after careful extraction introduces the risk of carpet rot and also provides an ideal background for mold and bacteria growth. Furthermore, steam cleaning generally uses detergents or soaps that cannot be completely removed, leaving behind a sticky residue that traps dirt on the surface of the carpet, making carpets appear to get dirtier more rapidly after a cleaning.

Chem-Dry uses a combination of hot carbonation extraction and an environmentally-friendly soap-and-detergent-free cleaner known as The Natural to get carpets extra clean. The carbonated water allows Chem-Dry to use up to 80% less water than its competitors while achieving superior cleaning results. This is because the bubbles in the carbonation work to lift soil and stains to the surface, where they can be more easily removed. Not sure how it works? Think about using club soda to remove a red wine stain from carpet or fabric.

If you want local service and global expertise and are in Manalapan or the surrounding area, remember that Chem-Dry can give you the results you want and the service you expect!

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