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Chem-Dry’s carpet cleaning process combines carbonation and a proprietary solution known as The Natural.


Carbonation allows Chem-Dry to use up to 80% less water than its steam-cleaning competition because the bubbles in the carbonated water lift dirt, soil, and stains up to the surface of the carpet, making it easier to remove.  The Natural is a solution derived from all natural ingredients, which uses no soaps or detergents, meaning that it does not leave behind the sticky residue you find in other steam-cleaning applications.  The result is carpets that are cleaner and stay cleaner longer than carpets cleaned by traditional steam-cleaning, as well as a hot carbonation extraction process that is friendlier on the environment and better for the people and pets in your home.


Of course, sometimes your carpet stains may be a little more challenging than just plain old dirt.  This is especially true if you have pets or small children in your home, where accidents can result in difficult-to-remove urine stains.  Proper cleaning of a urine stain involves more than treating the carpet; it means cleaning the padding and floor underneath.  Chem-Dry uses its own cleaning product P.U.R.T. (Pet Urine Removal Treatment), which goes to the source of the odor and chemically reacts with the urine to remove urine damage.  Of course, before the urine can be removed, it must be located.  Many times pet owners can smell urine in a room, but might not be able to locate where the accident occurred.  Chem-Dry technicians use a black light to help highlight areas of pet damage, ensuring that they are all treated and removed.

Chem-Dry is known for its superior carpet cleaning, but is happy to offer other services to help you get your home as clean as it can be.  These services include carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning, area and Oriental rugs, pet urine and odor removal, specialty stain removal, tile and stone cleaning, leather cleaning and restoration, and commercial services.  Even in the cleanest home, upholstered furniture gets dirty.  Food particles, germs, dust, pollen, and drinks all end up on your upholstery, leading to stains and blemishes.  Chem-Dry uses the same approach to carpet cleaning in its upholstery cleaning process, resulting in cleaner furniture.

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Leather cleaning requires a different approach.  The first step is identifying the type of leather and using the correct products to remove the oils, greases, and acids that get onto your leather from daily use.  Then, if the leather needs restoration, Chem-Dry Certified Technicians can apply special pigmentation to the leather in order to restore its initial appearance.
Whatever your special cleaning needs, if you are in Palm Beach Gardens or the surrounding area, Chem-Dry can help you meet them!

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