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Spring is here in gorgeous Palm Beach, Florida, and with spring comes spring cleaning. Living in an area where the weather is gorgeous year-round and where we do not have the snows that turn to slush and result in mud being tracked all over a house, the need for a regular spring carpet cleaning may not be as apparent as it is in other locales. However, even if carpets do not appear dirty, over time they accumulate the dirt, bacteria, and germs tracked in from every outside place where guests and residents have walked. The result can be filthy carpets in need of serious cleaning.



Of course, the traditional steam-cleaning process makes many of us uncomfortable with routine carpet cleaning. It appears that the choice is to have germy, dirty carpets or to have carpets full of harsh chemicals and flushed with enough water to encourage bacteria and mold growth in a humid or moist environment. Fortunately, Chem-Dry offers an innovative carpet cleaning solution that permits you to have clean carpets using an all-natural cleaning solution and up to 80% less water than a traditional steam-cleaning.

Using less water means that your carpets dry in a shorter time period. While carpet drying times depend on several factors, including ambient humidity, the average dry-time for carpets after a Chem-Dry cleaning is 1-2 hours, which can be significantly shorter than the half-day dry time associated with a traditional steam cleaning. Shorter dry times contribute to a cleaner household environment in two ways. First, the shorter dry time does not promote bacteria or mold growth in the way that moist carpets do. Second, your family can step on dry carpet without the risk of increasing the transfer of dirt to the carpet, which is what happens when carpets remain wet for extended periods of time. Therefore, the Chem-Dry process not only gets your carpets cleaner, but also helps them stay cleaner, from the day of cleaning and beyond.

Chem-Dry helps your carpets stay cleaner because we use carbonation and heated deep-extraction in our cleaning process. The carbonation helps dirt and cleaners bubble to the surface, while the deep extraction helps ensure that they are thoroughly removed from the carpet. In a traditional steam-cleaning, soapy water is used to clean the carpet. If this soapy water is not completely extracted, and the long drying times associated with traditional steam-cleaning should let you know that it is almost never completely extracted, it leaves behind a sticky residue that can actually trap dirt in your carpet.

Experience the Chem-Dry difference today and see how clean your carpet can be!

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