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It can be difficult to balance the choices that are best for the environment with the choices that are best for your life.


Low-flow toilets may be difficult to flush and many of us have complaints about the quality of light from energy efficient light bulbs when compared with the incandescent lights of our earlier years. However, making the environmentally wise choice does not always involve a trade-off. In fact, sometimes the environmentally conscious choice is also the choice that offers better quality, and Chem Dry carpet and upholstery cleaning is one of those times.

Why is Chem Dry better for the environment than traditional steam cleaning?
There are two reasons. First, it uses significantly less water than traditionally steam cleaning, and the conservation of fresh water always has been and always will be a critical environmental issue. Second, Chem Dry’s cleaners are not derived from harsh chemical formulas that pose a threat to the environment during creation or disposal, or a threat to indoor air quality when used. Instead, The Natural, Chem Dry’s propriety formula is derived from products found in Mother Nature, and is easy on the environment and easy on your loved ones.

Why is Chem Dry better for your cleaning goals than traditional steam cleaning?
This answer to this question is linked to the environmental answers. The Chem Dry process uses less water because Chem Dry has discovered a way to get more effective deep cleaning than traditional water-based steam applications. Instead of using plain water in the cleaning process, Chem Dry uses carbonated water. As you know, carbonated water has bubbles in it. These bubbles work in the fabric, causing stains and soil to rise to the surface, where it can be extracted with a deep heat extractor. To achieve similar results, a steam cleaning company would have to repeatedly use large amounts of water on stains or heavily soiled areas. Using this carbonation results in cleaner carpets. Another bonus to using the carbonation approach is that using less water means shorter drying times for the carpets, making it less likely they will be walked on while wet, which can attract dirt and grime to freshly cleaned carpets. Shorter drying times also reduce the chances that mold, mildew, and bacteria growth will occur.

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