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The last time you had your carpets professionally cleaned by a Singer Island steam cleaning company, did you notice that stains reappeared after they had been removed and you’re your carpets seemed to get dirtier, faster, after you had them cleaned? Did the carpet seem to take forever to dry? Did your home have a moldy, mildew, or sour smell in the days following the carpet cleaning? If you noticed these things, do not worry; you are not imaging things.

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While steam cleaning carpets used to be the most effective way to get them clean, there are some drawbacks to the process. Steam cleaning relies on using a combination of detergents and large amounts of hot water to flood stains and dirt to the surface of the carpet where they can be extracted. This process can be effective for cleaning carpets, but can also introduce problems that did not exist before the cleaning. The first issue is that even the best extraction methods leave behind a large percentage of the water used in the steam cleaning process, which can not only damage your carpet fibers, but also put you at risk for moldy or mildew carpets. The second issue is that incomplete flooding of stains in carpet pads and under the surface of carpet can mean that stains are not fully extracted, and wet carpet fibers can act like wicks, bringing these stains to the surface, so that they seem to reappear after the carpet has been cleaned. Perhaps the trickiest pitfall to steam cleaning is that the process almost always leaves behind detergent residue which is sticky and actually attracts dirt to the newly cleaned fibers?

Fortunately, you have a bubbly alternative to traditional Singer Island carpet cleaners: A1A ChemDry of the Gold Coast. Why are we a bubbly alternative? Well, the cheerful attitudes of our customer service representatives and cleaning technicians actually have nothing to do with it. We are a bubbly alternative because of the hot carbonation extraction process we use to clean your carpets. By using heated, carbonated water, we harness the power of bubbles to bring stains, dirt, and detergent residues to the surface of your carpets, where they can be easily extracted. Using this method, we can use up to 80% less water than traditional steam cleaning companies and still achieve a superior clean, with faster drying times, and less chance of ghost stains reappearing.

Carpet Cleaners Singer Island: 561-734-4566

Hot carbonation extraction is wonderful, but it is even better when combined with our proprietary formula, The Natural. Your family lives on your carpet, so you want to make sure the cleaners you use on it are safe. The Natural uses all natural ingredients that are safe for kids, pets, and the environment to remove even stubborn stains like pet accidents.

Try A1A ChemDry of the Gold Coast for your next carpet cleaning, and see why our bubbles blow traditional steam-cleaning companies away!

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