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Considering the situation we are in right now — outbreak of COVID-19 — every household is in dire need of sanitation. Not just any basic sanitation but the one which is done by a team of professionals with suitable and proper equipment. Everyone around the world right now is obsessed with cleaning their surroundings, but it is better to call the professionals and let them do their work correctly.

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The amount of germs in our houses is nearly traumatizing, but it does not have to remain that way. If you are looking for a reputable and trustworthy company to sanitize your household then Chemdry is the most suitable option.
Chemdry is a widespread business, currently active in about 55 countries and satisfying the sanitation needs of over 11000 houses. Our company has been dynamic for 25 years, and all our loyal customers are satisfied with our services. Found in 1977, Chemdry has achieved a lot in these years and is considered one of the world’s best cleaning service with an extensive network.

To sanitize is not just to spray disinfectants all over the house. A person needs to have a clear understanding of where germs are most likely to reside. The sanitizers used by the Chemdry teams are hospital-grade and EPA-registered as well, so you don’t have to be doubtful in opting for them. The Chemdry technicians do their work properly, and there are some steps taken to ensure the quality of work. The steps taken to eliminate germs, bacteria are strictly according to the guidelines approved by the CDC. Some steps are listed as follows:
• The technicians will be fully covered with gloves, masks, and shoe covers.
• They will be following all SOPs
• Physical distancing will be maintained.
There are several places in the house that we think remains untouched and have a meager chance of germs being there. But strangely, germs tend to reside in the most unexpected places. Luckily, our teams know just where to find them and wipe that area squeaky clean.
Chemdry is offering a free wipe down of areas prone to germs if you purchase the healthy home cleaning package.
Some of the places that are more prone to catching germs than others are doorknobs and handles, countertops, switchboards, and stair rails. All the places that are touched frequently with our hands are the ones with the most risk of containing germs and bacteria, while the areas that have lower chances of containing germs are the carpets and floors of your house.
The primary goal of this cleaning service is to ensure your safety and provide you the peace of mind among the entire hustle bustle happening during this outbreak. Some people underestimate the fatality of COVID-19 and take it on a lighter note. This is how it starts spreading when one person chooses to ignore the safety guidelines. This does not dangers only one life but also the experience of those who get in contact with that person. Therefore, it is vital to keep our surroundings squeaky clean. Find your local Chemdry and get rid of those pesky germs in one go.

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