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With hot carbonation extraction, ChemDry uses up to 80% less water than traditional steam cleaning to achieve superior cleaning results. The secret is that instead of regular water, we use carbonated water. The bubbles do the work, bringing stains and impurities to the surface, where they can be easily extracted.

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What do we love about living in Boynton Beach? The gorgeous weather, the shopping, and the beach. What do we hate about living in Boynton Beach? The sand we track inside our homes after visiting the gorgeous beach. In fact, our year-round beautiful weather means that most of us are frequently outside, and we track the outdoors in with us. The result? Carpets that are filthy. Most of us think that steam cleaning the carpets is the solution, but at A1A ChemDry of the Gold Coast, we have a better answer to Boynton Beach’s carpet cleaning woes. Using a combination of hot carbonation extraction and ChemDry’s proprietary The Natural formula, we can get your carpets cleaner, faster, and with a product that is better for your home, your kids, your pets, and the environment.

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The first question you probably had is “what is hot carbonation extraction?” The best way to understand it is to compare it to a traditional Boynton Beach carpet steam-cleaning company. When your carpets are steam-cleaned, the steam-cleaning company uses a combination of heat and water to get the carpets clean. Large amounts of heated water are used to flood the carpet, with the aim of bringing dirt and stains to the surface, then the water is extracted. This would be a great way to clean if it was possible to extract all of the water. It is not, though, and a significant amount of water is left in the carpet, which can not only damage the fibers, but also introduces a growth habitat for molds and mildews.

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The Natural is the second part of ChemDry’s unique cleaning process.  The Natural is a green-certified, eco-friendly, carbonated cleaning solution that cleans your upholstery while protecting the environment.  It is also formulated differently from most fabric-cleaning solutions.  Ordinary fabric cleaning solutions can leave behind a sticky residue that can actually attract and trap dirt, making your upholstery get dirty more rapidly after a cleaning.  The Natural does not leave behind that residue, so that it not only helps your upholstery get clean, but also stay clean.
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