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Delray Beach sure has grown from the original 1876 Orange Grove House of Refuge into a vibrant, bustling community with many businesses and gorgeous homes.  People from around the country flock here to live, work, do business, and vacation.  If you are one of the lucky people to call Delray Beach home, you have probably noticed the toll that this active lifestyle can take on your furnishings, with sand, suntan lotion, dirt, allergens, and stains and spills from kids and pets making your furniture look old before its time.  A1A ChemDry’s upholstery cleaning service can help you keep your furniture looking beautiful, extending its lifetime, and even improving the air quality of your home.

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We all know about the power of water as a cleaner. In fact, when you tackle your daily cleaning, you almost certainly use water in combination with your favorite cleaners to get the results that you want. However, we all know what happens when water is allowed to sit on fabrics and fibers. Who has not forgotten a load of laundry in the washer for even a few extra hours and returned to find the laundry smelling sour, moldy, and mildewed? The same thing can happen with your carpets. Traditional steam cleaning works on the premise that the carpet will be flooded with water to flush out the cleaners, dirt, and stains, and then this water will be extracted. However, no matter how thorough the cleaning or how good the equipment, a large percentage of the water used in the steam cleaning process, along with the cleaners, dirt, and stains, is left behind in the carpets. What this means is that carpets are not as clean as you think and the left over water residue can mold or mildew, leaving you with a sour laundry smell to your carpet.


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ChemDry has a two secrets to a superior clean: hot carbonation extraction and The Natural cleaning solution.  Hot carbonation extraction uses superheated carbonated water to combine the power of bubbles and steam.  Together, millions of bubbles and steaming hot water loosen dirt and stains, so that the bubbles can lift them to the surface for easier extraction.  Not only does this mean more effective stain removal; it is also a more environmentally friendly-way to clean.  The process requires up to 80% less water than traditional steam cleaning.  Less water also means that upholstery dries faster and your risk of having a lingering moldy or mildew smell after a cleaning is virtually eliminated.  The Natural is ChemDry’s proprietary, detergent-free, green-certified, non-toxic cleaner.

Why is being detergent-free so important?  Detergents can leave behind a sticky residue, which actually attracts dirt and grime, making upholstery appear dirty faster than it would have without the cleaning.  The Natural’s formula cleans better than a detergent and does not leave behind a sticky residue, which means that it does not attract dirt or grime, keeping your upholstery cleaner for longer periods of time.  It is also safe for pets and kids, making it a great choice for your home.  While both The Natural and hot carbonation extraction are superior to the competitors, when combined they create even better results.  Together, they remove an average of 99.1% of allergens from upholstery surfaces, and, when used with a sanitizer, can remove up to 89% of airborne bacteria from the home.  The result is a home that is not only greener, but cleaner!  Call A1A ChemDry of the Gold Coast today to find out the difference that hot carbonation extraction and The Natural can make in your home.

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