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Upholstery Cleaning Highland Beach

Has your Highland Beach steam cleaning company left you feeling a little less than bubbly about your Furniture Cleaning?

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Highland Beach, Florida, is primarily a retirement community with a large and vibrant snowbird population.  Retirement means plenty of time at home, visitors, and time spent enjoying the gorgeous outdoor and cultural activities that the Highland Beach area has to offer.  This hustle and bustle means that you are constantly bringing in dirt and allergens, which you transfer to upholstered furniture through daily use.  If you have pets, kids, or frequent visitors, your upholstered furniture gets even more wear and tear.  You probably think that having your furniture steam cleaned is the best way to keep it looking, smelling, and feeling good.  However, at A1A ChemDry of the Gold Coast, we know that our upholstery cleaning system can give you better, longer-lasting results than traditional steam cleaning.

What is our cleaning system?  We combine hot carbonation extraction with a proprietary cleaning formula, The Natural, to harness the power of bubbles and provide a deeper clean.  The Natural is a pet-friendly, kid-friendly, environmentally-friendly, certified-green cleaner that is free of harsh detergents and surfactants.  Best of all, it does not leave behind a sticky residue, so that your clean upholstery stays cleaner, longer.

Highland Beach Upholstery Cleaning

Hot carbonation extraction combines the best parts of steam cleaning with the unique cleaning power of bubbles.  If you have ever used club soda to clean a red wine stain, then you know how helpful bubbles can be in helping loosen and lift dirt and stains.  The steaming hot water helps loosen and remove dirt, and then millions of bubbles from the carbonation go to work loosening dirt and then lifting it to the surface for easier extraction.
Combined together, The Natural and hot carbonation extraction result in a superior cleaning experience.  They remove an average of 99.1% of allergens from the cleaned upholstery.  Cleaner upholstery means cleaner air because air pollutants are released from fabrics. When The Natural and hot carbonation extraction are combined with a sanitizer, it can reduce airborne bacteria by 89%.

Furniture also dries more quickly.  Using carbonated water means that a higher level of cleaning can be achieved with less water; which can shorten dry times from the typical 1 to 2 days of steam cleaning to 1 to 2 hours.  Your furniture can be ready to use the same day it is cleaned. For a greener, longer-lasting clean for your upholstery, call A1A ChemDry of the Gold Coast today.

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