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Upholstery Cleaning Margate

The City of Margate has a slightly different feel from the rest of Florida’s Gold Coast area. Residents and visitors alike remark on its small town feel and big city amenities.  This small town feel has made residents particular about who they choose for services, wanting people they can trust without sacrificing the highest standards of cleanliness.  That is why A1A ChemDry of the Gold Coast is an ideal upholstery cleaning service for the people of Margate. We offer the highest quality cleaning services, along with small town perks like friendly technicians, polite customer service, and reasonable prices.  ChemDry can offer you these perks along with a service that can remove an average of 99.1% of allergens from upholstery and reduce airborne bacteria by 89%.




Upholstery Cleaners Margate


If this is your first time looking at ChemDry, you may think ChemDry is just another steam cleaning service. However, comparing ChemDry to a steam cleaning service is like comparing champagne to a flat white wine: one is missing the bubbles.  In fact, the whole secret to ChemDry’s ability to provide a superior clean comes down to carbonation.

Traditional steam cleaning uses superheated water to saturate upholstery.  The heat loosens dirt, which is then extracted along with some of the water, resulting in cleaner upholstery.  The more of the dirt and water combination that is extracted, the cleaner the upholstery will appear.  However, sometimes the loose dirt stays below the upholstery’s surface and even the best extractors still leave large amounts of water in the upholstery.  The result is upholstery that is cleaner, but not clean.  ChemDry uses hot carbonation extraction.  The process, which uses up to 80% less water than traditional steam-cleaning, uses superheated carbonated water in place of regular water.  The bubbles work with the heat to loosen dirt and stains, and then lift that dirt to the surface for extraction.


While the hot carbonation extraction process is great, it is only one part of our awesome cleaning process. We also use a propriety formula that we call The Natural to get your carpets amazingly clean. Why do we call it The Natural? Because it uses all natural ingredients that are safe for your kids, safe for your pets, and safe for the environment. These all natural ingredients are tough enough to tackle the toughest stains, but will not leave behind that chemical smell many carpet cleaning formulas have.

Want to feel effervescent about your carpets? Then call A1A ChemDry of the Gold Coast and schedule your cleaning, today!


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