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Professional Upholstery Cleaning With Chem Dry

What is hot carbonation extraction?  Just like its name implies, the hot carbonation extraction method uses superheated carbonated water in place of regular water in a steam and extract cleaning process.  The steam and the bubbles work together to loosen tough dirt and stains, then the bubbles work to bring the dirt to the surface, where it can be extracted.

Not only does this result in more complete cleaning, the process is also better for the environment. The use of carbonated water allows us to use up to 80% less water than traditional steam cleaners.  The use of less water also means shorter drying times, which reduces the chances of molds or mildew and makes your furniture ready-to-use within hours instead of days.

The Natural is ChemDry’s proprietary cleaner.  It is green-certified, non-toxic, and detergent free.  The Natural is safe for pets, kids, and the environment.  Moreover, being detergent-free means that it does not leave behind the same sticky residue that many other upholstery cleaning formulas leave behind.  While they may get furniture clean, the sticky residue can actually attract dirt, making furniture get dirty more rapidly after a cleaning.

The Natural is also carbonated, harnessing the power of bubbles in its cleaning.  The result is a greener, longer-lasting clean than traditional upholstery steam cleaning. How clean is it?  Well, when hot carbonation extraction is used with The Natural, it removes an average of 99.1% of allergens from upholstered furniture.  Because airborne pollutants are often released from fabrics, it can even improve your air quality.  In fact, when used with a sanitizer, our process can remove up to 89% of airborne bacteria from the home.
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