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Like much of South Florida, Singer Island is known for its miles of gorgeous beaches, year round beautiful weather, and outdoor activities.  However, while many people are drawn to Singer Island because of the gorgeous outdoor scenery, indoor quality of living is equally important to the people who live here.  For most people that means clean furniture and clean indoor air.

ChemDry- Singer Island: 561-734-4566

How do you make sure your upholstered furniture is clean while improving your indoor air quality?  Use A1A ChemDry’s upholstery cleaning service.  Unlike traditional steam upholstery cleaning, ChemDry’s two-step approach retains all of the benefits of traditional steam-cleaning, while getting rid of all of the negatives.  ChemDry’s two-step approach combines the use of a proprietary cleaner known as The Natural with an innovative cleaning method, hot carbonation extraction.

Have you ever had a red wine stain on fabric and used the tried and true club soda method to get it out?  Did you wonder how that worked? Well, club soda is carbonated, which means that thousands of bubbles went to the stain, helping loosen it from the fabric, and then carry it to the fabric surface where you could easily clean it.  Hot carbonation extraction uses that same principle, but on a large scale.  Hot carbonated water is used on the carpet, combining the cleaning power of steam and bubbles, to loosen dirt and stains so that the bubbles can then carry it to the surface for easy extraction. The result is more effective removal of stains and a lowered likelihood of a stain reappearing after it has been removed.  A positive side effect is that the use of carbonated water means that we have to use far less water than traditional saturate and extract steam cleaning.  Less water is not only better for the environment, but can also shorten dry times from days to hours.

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Upholstery Cleaners Singer Island: 561-734-4566

ChemDry’s formula The Natural also uses carbonation to enhance its cleaning power.  A nontoxic, kid-safe, pet-safe, certified green cleaner with no detergents, The Natural uses bubbles to enhance its dirt and stain lifting power.  It also differs from traditional cleaners in that it does not leave behind a sticky residue that can actually attract dirt and grime after upholstery has been cleaned.  The result is that furniture not only gets cleaner, but stays cleaner longer after a ChemDry upholstery cleaning.
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