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Known for having big city amenities with a small town feel, all in a gorgeous tropical city, West Palm Beach is a great place for your home or business.  However, the active lifestyle that attracts so many people to the area can be very hard on your furniture, especially upholstery that is exposed to kids, pets, sand, suntan lotion, dirt, and allergens.  Fortunately, A1A ChemDry’s upholstery service can help you keep your home looking beautiful, without you having to sacrifice any part of your active lifestyle.

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Upholstery Cleaning With Chem Dry

A1A ChemDry is not just another carpet and upholstery steam cleaning service.  Instead, we have taken the best part of steam cleaning, which is the use of super-heated fluids to loosen dirt and stains, and enhanced it, so that we can provide a better clean.  Our process is known as hot carbonation extraction and it harnesses the power of bubbles to get a cleaner, greener result. Living in Florida, you know how important and delicate the environment is.  Traditional steam cleaning can threaten the environment in two ways.

First, it uses a significant amount of fresh water, and water conservation is always important.  Second, it uses cleaners with detergents and other chemicals that can pose a threat to the environment.  A single upholstery cleaning, on its own, may not pose a large threat to the environment, but the cumulative effect of them can take its toll.  A1A ChemDry’s uses up to 80% less water than traditional steam cleaning and employs a detergent free, green-certified, non-toxic cleaner we call The Natural, for an environmentally-friendly cleaning service.

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Some people worry that they may have to sacrifice cleanliness for environmental responsibility, but the same bubbles that allow us to use less water help provide better dirt and stain removal.  Think of using club soda to remove a red wine stain.  The bubbles help loosen the stain from the fibers and then lift it to the surface, where it can be blotted away.  By using super-heated, carbonated water, we apply this same power of bubbles to our entire upholstery cleaning process.
Our proprietary cleaning formula, The Natural, is also carbonated, combining the cleaning power of bubbles with a non-toxic cleaner that is certified green and is safe for kids, pets, and the environment.  Because it has no sticky detergents in it, The Natural does not leave behind a residue, which could attract dirt and grime.  The result is a longer-lasting clean!
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